The Graduate School Office at ISTA

The Graduate School Office (GSO) provides administrative support for all matters related to the PhD program from admission to successful completion of the program requirements. The GSO team members work closely with faculty members, the Dean, the Deputy to the Dean, Graduate Student Association representatives and other administrative staff, including Finance and Human Resources to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the PhD Program.

Students are always welcome to approach any of the GSO team members if they have questions about the PhD program requirements, or any other generic inquiries. The GSO can be reached through

Dean and Deputy to the Dean


The Dean is responsible for an inclusive, equitable, safe, and productive environment for the graduate students as well as for resolving conflicts involving graduate students or the Graduate School. The Dean is further responsible for:

(1) upholding the Principles of Graduate Education

(2) compliance with the Rules of the Graduate School

(3) ensuring a fair contribution of faculty members towards Graduate School activities

(4) approving changes to the Graduate School Handbook or any other program rules

(5) granting exceptions to the Rules of the Graduate School

(6) presenting major program rule changes and exceptions for review and approval to the President and the Scientific Board, as appropriate-

(7) interacting with the Advisory Committee for the Graduate School

The current Dean is Eva Benkova 

Deputy to the Dean

The Dean may ask the President to appoint a Deputy to the Dean from the faculty in order to assist the Dean and ensure continuity of Graduate School leadership and operations. Usually the Chair of the Track Representatives Committee is chosen as Deputy to the Dean. The Dean may delegate to the Deputy any operational matters but must personally make final decisions wherever the Dean’s approval is required by the Rules of the Graduate School. The Deputy takes over the Dean’s responsibilities wherever the Dean has a conflict of interest.

The current Deputy to the Dean is Gasper Tkacik


Maria Trofimova | Head of the Graduate School Office |

Hania Köver | Graduate School Development |

Giorgia Loreti | Graduate School Development |

Jerneja Beslagic | Assistant to Dean |

Uli Seiss | Student Recruiting and Admissions |

Gabriela Caracaleanu | Graduate School Marketing |

Kanako Aono | Student Recruiting and Admissions |

Jennifer Millar (on maternity leave) | Student Recruiting and Admissions |

Pilar M | Student Recruiting and Admissions |

Hanna Spiro | Student Affairs |

Eszter Fügedi | Student Affairs |

Hitomi Tsukuda | Student Affairs |

Adam Louis Troldahl | Student Affairs |

Eszter Nucz | IT Projects Graduate School |


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