Stefanie Kainrath was an intern in 2015 and subsequently started her PhD at IST Austria

photo credit: Nadine Poncioni

IST 2020 Summer Internship

Outstanding bachelor’s and master’s students at an Austrian degree granting institution can join IST Austria as 2020 summer interns from July to September. All students who are interested in basic research in the fields of biology, computer science, data science, physics, neuroscience and interdisciplinary areas, are encouraged to apply.

Internships are full-time and will be conducted exclusively in English.


Are you looking for an internship to expand your scientific research?

The 2020 summer internship program is targeted at bachelor’s or master’s students who want to work closely with our faculty or a lab member on a short research project in an international environment.

As part of the application, prospective interns choose a group to work in, and successful applicants agree on a research project with the group leader. These are the participating faculty members:

Nick Barton—Evolutionary Genetics
Jiri Friml—Developmental and Cell Biology of Plants

Computer Science
Thomas Henzinger—Design and Analysis of Concurrent and Embedded Systems
Christoph Lampert—Machine Learning and Computer Vision
Krzysztof Pietrzak—Cryptography

Data Science and Scientific Computing
Edouard Hannezo—Physical Principles in Biological Systems
Marco Mondelli—Data Science, Machine Learning, and Information Theory

Ryuichi Shigemoto—Molecular Neuroscience
Simon Hippenmeyer—Genetic Dissection of Cerebral Cortex Development

Physics and Chemistry
Zhanybek Alpichshev—Non-linear and Time-Resolved Optical Spectroscopy of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Stefan Freunberger—Materials Electrochemistry
Björn Hof—Nonlinear Dynamics and Turbulence
Onur Hosten—Quantum Sensing with Atoms and Light
Maria Ibáñez—Functional Nanomaterials
Scott Waitukaitis—Soft and Complex Materials

Internships are full-time and will be conducted exclusively in English.


Candidates must be enrolled Bachelor- or Master of Science students (or similar) in good standing at an Austrian degree granting institution. They must have completed at least the fourth semester of their bachelor’s studies (before the respective start date).

In addition, candidates should have full access to the Austrian labor market and be enrolled in Austrian study programs.


2 months between July 15 and September 30. Exact dates and length are decided together with the supervisor.


The application deadline for the 2020 summer internship was June 28th 2020.

Please check this website for announcements on future internship opportunities.


We ask you to upload the following documents to the application portal:


For more questions about the internship, please email:


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