Diverse scientific community

Our scientists, from professors to postdocs to students, hail from all corners of the world, representing over 60 different nationalities, and building on research and degrees earned from the finest global scientific institutes and universities.

Dedication to basic science research

IST Austria’s faculty hiring strategy is encapsulated by the motto People before area; quality before speed. We are dedicated to bringing the best minds of the world to IST Austria to pursue cutting-edge basic science research. The Institute was inaugurated in 2009 and will grow to about 90 research groups by 2026. This exciting momentum is driven forward by every scientist added to our team, including every PhD student.


In all fields of research, funding is a very important topic. IST Austria relies on diverse funding sources to support all its researchers. The Grant Office is there to support IST scientists who would like to apply for external funding.

At the founding of IST Austria in 2006, 95 million Euro were put aside by the federal government as a conditional, performance-dependent budget that could only be secured if the Institute obtains the same amount in third-party funds by 2016.

IST Austria has been exceptionally successful in raising third party funds over the past years. Out of the 53 professors currently under contract, 34 professors—two thirds—have received a grant from the European Research Council.

In the year 2016 alone, three advanced grants, two consolidator grants, and five starting grants were awarded to scientists at IST Austria.

The graduate school is the beneficiary of one of the largest awards received at the Institute so far: 4.4 million Euro were awarded in 2015 to the interdisciplinary PhD program of IST Austria by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant from the European Union.

Altogether, the Institute has acquired more than 120 million Euro in third-party science funding. In addition, IST Austria has received donations from the private sector worth about 18.5 million Euro. Together, this amounts to over 130 million Euro in third-party funding.

Follow this link for more information about funding for our PhD students.

Institute Colloquia

External speakers who are leaders in their respective fields are invited to the institute to exchange knowledge with our scientists in the weekly Institute Colloquium.

Scientific Service Units

Scientific Service Units (SSUs) provide support for scientists’ research needs. The following SSUs are hosted by IST Austria:


A list of publications of our scientists is available in the IST Research Explorer repository.

Institute Evaluations

On a regular basis, the institute is visited by international review panels consisting of leading scientists from around the world (including Nobel prize laureates) to form an independent evaluation of the institute. The latest report is available here: Evaluation Report 2015.

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